Wednesday, 4 March 2009


For those in Thanet who think an elected Mayor is a good way forward tonight's Newsnight on BBC2 is worth a watch. It features Doncaster, report Matt Prodger says:

"I'll lift the lid on a local authority at war with itself - an elected mayor at loggerheads with an elected council - and ask if the roots of the child protection crisis lie in a bold experiment in local democracy."
Mayor Martin Winter (pictured) has his own site here. The programme will be on BBCIplayer probably tomorrow.


  1. MMmm

    The same Labour stronghold that featured in Rotten Boroughs...a lot!!!

    Mark look at Hull where its a different story.


  2. I thought the system of elected mayors dispensed with the need for councils, full of the self opinionated, self righteous, just pompous, freemasons and others.

    Its a pity that these Mayors aren't given the freedom to run their local council full time that way it would, probably end the corrupt and unprofessional practices we are so used to in this country.

  3. The system we have at the moment appears to be that the cabinet selects the leader and the leader selects the cabinet. Because of the safe seat system the electorate in reality only has a choice of two cabinets, yes I am for the mayoral system too. If we the electorate elect a bad mayor, it will be through a truly democratic process and we will truly have ourselves to blame.

  4. Malcolm I've commented on Doncaster before:

    I don't know much about Hull, it's fairly recent isn't it? Too early to tell?

    I wrote before about Stoke trying to get rid of their Mayor, today's news may indicate why

    I prefer checks and balances and would be concerned about too strong a Mayor, unless it was me of course! (I'm not standing!!)