Saturday, 14 March 2009


This post is based on information from a normally reliable source, but it may just be a false rumour. I have been told that Cllr. Sandy Ezekiel and Roger Latchford do not intend to attend the Thanet Council Standards Committee meeting on Monday 16th March which is examining their conduct. I find this hard to believe.

However, it is possible. They have wriggled every way they can to try and get out of this matter, so this may be their latest tactic. Keep their expensive lawyers taking the flak, and try to win on procedure not fact. I remember Sandy Ezekiel making a false complaint to the police when previously in trouble. I have never seen an apology for this waste of police time and resources. Now I know this blog is avidly followed by a number of Conservatives, so I will be only too happy to put the record right if Sandy Ezekiel and Roger Latchford are attending.

If they are planning not to attend, local Conservatives need to either put pressure on them to attend, or find the guts to come out publicly and say their intention is wrong.

For those doubting my motivation, I just want them to attend and be accountable in public. It would be no good me blogging next week that I had heard they were not going to attend after they failed to turn up, would it?

UPDATE 15.1.09

I have had it confirmed that Cllris Latchford and Ezekiel will not attend the hearing. This I understand has been pre-agreed as is shown on page 8 here. I do not understand this. Surely it would be helpful to have those involved present to be examined if appropriate. Instead I understand they may have legal representatives present. As this was pre-agreed I have amended the title of this post.

With closer reading of the report I should have spotted this rather than relying solely on my source, who as ever has been found to be accurate. I thank kindly the Conservative who pointed my error out. I apologise for my posting not being as accurate as I would have liked.


  1. "Mike" If you want to get posted don't swear, far too many local Conservatives tolerate this. No I am not a candidate for County elections, don't judge me by your low standards.

  2. Laurence Davies14 March 2009 at 16:58

    Well you have views on everything don't you?
    You are a pathetic bore. Your blogs are full of true socialist bile. Why don't you grow up and get a life?

  3. Anon comment editted (just worked out you can do this!)

    Look at the pair of them, heavens help us like a pair of unsavoury Dickens villains. Or are they auditioning for the next panto at the Theatre Royal

  4. Young Conservative14 March 2009 at 21:05

    Laurence, surely it's only right and proper that a council member has views on council business and conduct?

    Well done Cllr Notts, again. You've helped disseminate information to the electorate that they deserve to know.

    I rather wish the old cons were as open.

  5. Laurence I understand that you are resorting to personal abuse as you have no political argument. It must be deeply frustrating to be a Conservative at present. You don't have to come here, do you?

  6. Laurence Davies14 March 2009 at 22:11

    Cllr Nottingham I have no wish to get into political arguments with the likes of you.For your information I am not a Conservative. Obviously I have touched a raw nerve!!

  7. another visitor -- you seem to be floating stories other bloggers havent dared venture into.
    Surely it is a necessity that they turn up - doesnt that reflect badly on them? Maybe they are so convinced of a walk over - what a depressing thought
    the lact of comment from their fellow 17 is interesting. (disappointing the other 5 havent said anything! since they have nothing to loose!)

  8. Hope any lawyers appointed are not at the tax payers expense!

  9. Laurence bizarre you don't want to discuss but you post comments, who do you support then?
    Anon 23.03 Thousands of pounds have been wasted already. I'll say more after the hearing.

  10. Anon 22.49 I acknowledge in my post that this story is not as well sourced as I normally like. On balance I would rather be wrong on Monday evening than have said nothing and found out that they did not attend. There are many Conservative cllrs I could privately ask in a similar situation and get an answer I could trust, so I would not need to post. It is Cllr Ezekiel and Latchford's inconsistencies which mean that I felt this was the only way I could address the matter.