Thursday, 12 March 2009


Thanet Council Leader "Cllr. Ezekiel was reasonably aggressive" that is one of many interesting statements in the papers for the Standards Committee hearing on 16th March. This was said by local journalist Thom Morris. Click here for the full papers and make your own mind up. Caution I found it a long slow download so please be patient.

Before Cllr. Ezekiel's last appearance at the Standards Committee where he was found to have behaved badly, my colleague John Watkins tried to resolve matters informally.

He took advice from the Chief Executive, concerning Cllr. Ezekiel's deplorable event first thing on the Monday morning after Cllr. Ezekiel (pictured) had sworn at and abused people at the Winter Gardens. Chief Executive Richard Samuel arranged for Cllr. Watkins to receive the relevant forms to make a formal complaint. He also advised him to inform Cllr. Ezekiel of his intention to send the report to the Standards Board for England.

Cllr. Watkins went in person in the Leader’s office the following day and told him of his intentions, whereupon Cllr. Ezekiel called Cllr. Watkins "a gutless bastard."

There being no witness to this abusive behaviour, Cllr. Watkins immediately left Cllr. Ezekiel's office.

Only an ignorant, rude fool would call Cllr. Watkins gutless.

As a member of the Margate lifeboat crew John served 34 years with Margate RNLI, first as a volunteer crew member and later as a station official for 14 yrs. Going out to sea in storms to save people's lives require courage. Something Cllr. Ezekiel has never demonstrated to me he has. Swearing and abusing people is something he does far too frequently.

He should put Thanet's repuation first and resign as Leader now.


  1. I surgest he gets a tv show "councill leader the F-word" a possibility for the title ?

  2. just shows how gutless the rest of the conservatives are not to have made him resign - and it is a Conservative saying this not a labour member. Shame on you all!

  3. I long ago lost all faith in our local conservatives through the actions S.E.

  4. These two act like the local mafia not our leaders - shame on them! Appalling behaviour. No excuses can be made for this sort of conduct. I am also a Conservative, but they won't be getting my vote with these two leading them.

  5. i was censored for saying "Bully boys" on another local blog! Interesting to see ECR the other Ramsgate blog gets so up "our leader's" nose that he has used part of it as evidence of how the press vilify him - although think he may have printed off the wrong bits - we do know that he can barely read?