Friday, 13 February 2009


Iain Dale one of the top national bloggers has a fun competition here. Vote for your most fanciable peer. My top rated Conservative was the ever lovely Lady Virginia Bottomley. This reminded me of when we were canvassing in her husband Peter Bottomley's Eltham seat in I think it was 1992.
The man at the door accepted Labour's policies were best, but was still going to vote Conservative. We asked him why and he came out with the unanswerable line that if someone who looks like that can be married to someone as beautiful as Virginia, he must be able to represent anybody on anything.


  1. Mark, is this not a bit sexist????????

  2. Ken, I knew you swung both ways politically but I didn't know you did sexually as well! Good to see diverse representation on TDC. If you'd clicked you would have seen there were plenty of men to vote for too. My girl came in number 2, which one was your favourite? Lord Coe came in number 3. 12.01 14.2.09