Monday, 16 February 2009


I see Tim Garbutt is standing to be Thanet's saviour. Reading the content Bernard Hill as Pharoah in the Margate Exodus film kept coming to mind.

Tim is not a modest man:

"I call on Labour and Tory politicians and activists in Thanet to support me as the only option for change."

The only person Tim? Nobody else worth considering? No election?

Can I be the first person to pass Tim, I like a choice not to be told there is only one option.


  1. A few anti airport people will turn up as well as Michael 'save the water' Child.

  2. Michael Child said

    21.29 I put it down to all the years I have spent waiting for hydrophilic teenagers to vacate the bathroom

  3. He will probably get more votes than the present MP.
    Is there a Conservative Canidate Yet? I heard that Bill Furness from Birchington Might stand for the Liberal Democrats

  4. Laura Sandys Conservative, daughter of Duncan of the Macmillan govt her ancestor when our MP coined the phrase Bloody Mary and was locked in the Tower of London by the king. Mark posted again as i didnt get the usual message

  5. Tim is a chap willing to have a try.

    He can multitask.

    For example at the same time as he overestimates his own ability he underestimates the abilities of everyone else.

  6. I like that last comment must remember for future use