Sunday, 22 February 2009


Here's where some of our money goes, the dredging of Ramsgate harbour. (Oops it's the port - see comments)

Thanks to Simon Moores for his comment that:

“Thanet hardly brooks comparison with Wandsworth!”

Spot on Simon for seeing that Wandsworth is run a lot more efficiently than Thanet.

Here are another 3 authorities all with lower increases than Thanet.

Bournemouth 3.9%
North Yorkshire 3.94%
Staffordshire 2.45% Lowest increase for 14 years!

Thanet 3.99% increase (Fifth year in a row above inflation)


  1. As I mentioned earlier Mark, rather than throwing figures around with wild abandon - there are after all lots of local authoritie sn this country - come and learn a little about the real costs by joining the finance and audit committee.

    On another note, do you really think for one moment that your very small group could do better?

    Presently you are simply trying to distract your handful of readers from the awful reality of life in Nu-Labour's economy and I'm sure the are wise enough to see it.

  2. As far as I'm aware the dredger in your picture is working for the wind farm, not TDC. And therefore is being paid for by the wind farm, not TDC.

    Currently TDC are not paying for any dredging in the 'harbour' as you put it. That's the port in your picture.

    Anyhoo, the moral of the story is that, while I'm certainly no supporter of the incumbent Blue Rinsers, I would prefer the DFL landlubber opposition to be a little more clued up than this!

  3. Thanks for the tip ECR, no I'm not a boating man, will look into this, I thought it was contracted...

  4. Simon I see the costs at Scrutiny and see the poor performance. Here's something you should look into on audit committee to check the management systems
    Our group would do far better because they would not be complacent and ignore failures like this. BTW you can't spell New.

  5. If the council wasted less time efoort and money on the Turner Centre that nobody wants the money could have funded a lower CT increase and this is very important to pensioners only due for a 5% increase