Saturday, 21 February 2009


Thanet Council is proud of “only” increasing the budget by 3.99%. In the last 10 years central government funding to town halls has increased by 39%. So there has been plenty of money, where has it gone?

How to explain costs increasing by more than inflation at 3.1%?

Thanet Council is proud that this is the lowest increase in 5 years, and yet it is still a high increase.

Here is a picture today at Ramsgate Harbour of all the wheely bins which I presume are for Thanet as they are in our local colours. Look at the left the fencing is down and there appeared to be no obvious security. Reminds me of the old story of the docker stopped every day with his wheelbarrow to check he was taking nothing out by security. Turned out he was taking wheelbarrows. Anyone wandering around the dock pushing a wheely bin saying they are just taking the rubbish out?

In a new series I’ll be highlighting local authorities with lower increases than Thanet.

Today Thanet 3.99% increase (Fifth year in a row above inflation)

Birmingham 1.9% increase (Fourth year in a row below inflation)
Wandsworth NO INCREASE
Greater London Authority 2%

Do email me/comment other authorities with lower increases than Thanet, I think we’ll find it is one of the biggest increases in the country, with no justification for being above inflation for the fifth year running.


  1. Mark, If I wasn't laughing so much at this post I might cry. Tell you what, come and sit on Finance & Audit Committee with me and then you might have an idea of where the money is being spent and why we need it. Thanet hardly brooks comparison with Wandsworth!

    Otherwise given the shambolic mess of the economy that now surrounds us, Please don't have the temerity, as a professional Labour Party activist to lecture anyone on the economy or the community charge!

  2. Well, Mark, Broadstairs and St. Peter's Town Council has put up its precept for those of us living in the town by a whacking 7% to pay for loo cleaning,a service already covered by TDC's tax. A case of double-taxing?

    A tiny paragraph in the Tory-biased Gazette that would have been missed by most.

  3. A quick trawl through the websites shows Tunbridge Wells 4.985%, Shepway 4.7%, Maidstone 4.46%, Ashford 4.7%, Maidstone 4.46%. So Thanet are hardly the highest.

    You are deliberately misleading your readers, which is shameful for an elected representative.

  4. I searched on council tax increase here are the one's I found:

    Windsor and Maidenhead 1.9%
    Lewes 2.9%
    East Sussex 3.5%
    Shropshire NO INCREASE
    Devon 3.15%
    Kent 2.85%
    Derbyshire 2.9%
    Harrogate 3.9%
    Buckinghamshire 3.7%
    Bomley 2.73%
    Lancashire 2.9%
    Somerset 2.7%
    Sunderland 2.9%
    Redbridge 2.7%
    South Kesteven 3.6%
    South Lakeland 3%
    Guildford 1.95%
    Rutland 3.6%
    Aylesbury 2%
    Gloucestershire 2.9%
    Cambridgeshire 3.9%
    Croydon 3.99%
    Hebden Royd NO increase
    Suffolk 2.45%
    Rochdale 3.8%
    Durham 2.9%
    Dorset 3.5%
    Hambleton 3.93%
    Hillingdon 3% ZERO 65 plus
    Worcestershire 2.94%

    and those posted today:

    Bournemouth 3.9%
    North Yorkshire 3.94%
    Staffordshire 2.45% Lowest increase for 14 years!

    You stay anonymous and unaccountable to make a scurrilous accusation that you know to be false, as my post, which you have just read says:

    "I’ll think we’ll find it (Thanet) is one of the biggest increases in the country"

    and the title has a question mark after it!

    Readers can draw their own conclusions as to who is being deliberately misleading.

  5. Simon
    Have a look at this.
    Have you noticed that when you have a weak argument you get personal?
    Please explain why so many other councils in the country can do better than Thanet?