Sunday, 1 February 2009


Is the title of a timely article by Cllr. Mehboob Khan, Labour Leader of Kirklees Council.

It is in First the weekly “house” magazine for District Councillors from the Local Government Association.

The paragraph that caught my eye was

“One of the criteria taken into account when judging the standards and ethics award was for an example to be set at the highest level, with chief executives or council leaders being vocal about the importance of a strong standards framework and the code of conduct, putting ethical standards at the core of their authority’s culture.”

I have seen nothing to say if Thanet have entered for this award, but I think it is unlikely that Thanet will be one of the 6 shortlisted Councils.

Look closer at this phrase

“council leaders being vocal about the importance of a strong standards framework and the code of conduct”

For me the worst part of last years Standards Board matters was the late production of allegations against Cllr. Clark.

If the matter was offensive it should have been reported immediately. Read this report and you will see that an event in January 2007 was not reported until 15th July 2007, after Cllr Ezekiel was reported to the Standards Board on 11th May in relation to an event on 14th April 2007, click here for that report.

Would you want to work with a colleague who may, or may not be holding something against you until it might come in handy? I would prefer not to.

Following the events I have detailed above it is difficult for Cllr. Ezekiel to be

“vocal about the importance of a strong standards framework and the code of conduct”

For that and several other reasons, in my view Cllr. Ezekiel would best serve the interests of restoring Thanet’s reputation by taking a less prominent role in public life.


  1. Whilst I fully support your views about the need for Cllr Ezekiel to stand-down as Leader of TDC and had hoped that Conservative Councillors would have insisted on this, you do need to be aware that perhaps given the alleged conduct of some Labour Peers, now is not the best time for a Labour Councillor to be throwing stones. We have the situation in Thanet amongst Tory supporters and Party members, like myself, where incompetence and sleaze at a national Labour level is matched by a similar situation by Tories at local level. Both stables need cleaning out?

  2. I have always wanted abolition of the Lords to an elected second chamber. I have condemned the 4 Lords previously when you posted. There will sadly always be sleaze in all organisations (why so little exposure of the City recently?). You suggest that because I am embarassed by the 4 Lords actions, I should not express any other views? Sorry I just do not see the logic. If I was defending them you might have a point but I am not, so I don't think you do.

  3. It is not only Mr Ezekiel that needs to step down - he needs to take his Cabinet colleagues with him. What a shower!