Wednesday, 18 February 2009


One person seems to be able to bring Ramsgate councillors together across Party lines, Tim Garbutt. One tells me he values Tim's views, on the basis that whatever Tim advises, he knows to do the exact opposite. Both sides of the political fence are bemused at his sheer ignorance of the procedures, the law, Parliament's role and the independence of the police.

John Bunnett (Thanet Council's Deputy Chief Executive) must be squirming. Tim has full confidence in his abilities, but when set against his vitriol for almost anybody else in Thanet he has come into contact with; be they councillor, MP or Council Officer, he must wonder what he has done to be associated with such policies and ignorance. From what I observe John works closely as a team with Thanet Chief Exeutive Richard Samuel, but Tim has picked up something that was not apparent to the rest of us. Indeed John was the Chief Officer all the way through the recent Manston Expansion application, as the Chief Executive was away on leave all through this period. No officer did more to facilitate the expansion. There you go John, that might revise Tim's opinion of you as he wants to close the airport.

Credit to James Maskell who in comments is trying to give Tim a quick course in Modern British Constitutional Politics. There is an important role for scrutinising Manston, but if Tim is seen as the local leading Green by the local press, that will poorly represent those outside the Council who want to monitor airport owners Infratil and challenge them.

Tim's passion against night flights may be in part because he works through the night with posts at 3.20 and 3.41 in the morning. My colleague Cllr. Peter Campbell observes:

"Has Tim got a 106 agreement for night time blogging, or as Brian White (Head of Planning) would have us believe "late evening"?


  1. Of course Tim should have done his homework on how the political system works in this country in the same way as the local councillors should have done their homework when voting for Manston expansion based on Infratil's comments alone.

    The greedy, global captialists are well aware that politicians will fall over themselves to back any old crackpot scheme when the three big ones of; race, environment or jobs are mentioned. Even ladyman mentioned that Infratil have specified that hundreds of jobs will be created in this weeks press without the hint of any proof.

    Of the 100 or so jobs that will be apparently directly create by these 11 flights a week are..... 38 jumbojet pilots. Have any local politican gone to the job centres in Thanetr to see if there are 38 jumbojet pilots currently residing in Thanet who are signing-on???????

    Or are they just stupid, gullible or lazy????

  2. Mark, I don't know if you've met Tim but his sense of humour is mischievous if a little unconventional.

    As far as monitoring goes, I'm told it is TDC's responsibility. So far they haven't managed it too well and given last week's expedience for 'commercial reasons' it would seem they are unlikely to be a champion of fair play.

  3. How do we get too 38 jumbo pilots for 11 flights even with a different pilot for ins and outs I only make that 22. But I do see jobs for unloading with forklift thingies and transport people to drive the jungernought thingies and people to supervise said thingies so lots of thingies and wotsits and some thingy m bobs as well. LETS get the flights and then see who gets employed if no one then start complaining as yet nought has happened save SMEG got in a fluster

  4. JP Life in Thanet politics is such that it would not surprise me to have Jeremy Beadle coming out with You've Been Framed. Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity the possibilities are there...
    Anon 20.38 on councillor's homework see my latest post
    I like most of my colleagues try to make the best judgment on the knowledge we have available. This blog will act as a record as to whether I made the right judgment, I wish more of my colleagues had spoken at the meeting to explain their vote. I think silence was inappropriate.