Saturday, 7 February 2009


I have put up a poll to the right of here on the proposals for more flights at Manston. If you need more information before casting your vote the Thanet Council agenda can be found if you click here. Although I think it is disappointing that background papers like the Section 106 agreement do not seem to be there. I note the Council's website schedule does not yet list the meeting.

For more information my Labour colleague Cllr Dave Green has summarised key points here and here.

Bertie Biggles gives his sceptical opinions here and here.

Steve Ladyman MP has given his views here.

The Stop Manston Expansion Group are here, and report on KCC not facing public scrutiny here.

The Thanet Extra has stories here and here.

Michael Child has collated several airport posts on his blog here starting with Roger Gale.

If anybody else wants me to add their published views, let me know.

A Cliftonville resident has sent me links to Manston Administartive Data, Approach Charts, Charts, Map of the Airport, and Instrument Aprroach Chart, thank you.

The comments on most of these posts are well worth a perusal too.

You can vote right up until the Full Council Meeting, it will not be scientific of course!


Eastcliff Richard has nicked my idea here so if you feel strongly, vote early, vote often, and if you're a little bit sad vote from every computer you have access to!

Vote on nude flights here!


  1. Well done on getting the links together I for one am for the airport and believe it needs every support we can give. A airport which is only available for 75% of the time is less likely to succeed than one that is available for longer. I read your article on the SMEG blog about most people being for the airport and I have to agree. Smeg only wants to hear thosewho are anti I was banned from posting because my views did not match theirs.

  2. Hi Mark as the comment here is getting lively I have added you to my biggest concern here is that it looks as though expansion is happening before the basic health, environmental and safety issues have been looked at by the experts.

    I have put various posts about airport expansion and safety issues on including the views of several local politicians including both Thanet MPs if you want to put a link on should go to all my airport postings.

    I think one problem here is that this is airport expansion before the recommendations and consultation stage by an airport not complying to its environmental agreement now.

  3. Michael, Link added thank you. I have posted this comment on several local blogs where the airport is being discussed.

    "I have spoken to hundreds of Northwood constituents since I was elected in 2007. I always ask what are poeple's concerns locally. I cannot recall any of them raising the airport and the noise of planes.

    When the airport comes up in longer conversations the vast majority of Northwood residents are supportive of having an airport.

    In the short period available I cannot do a similar exercise to consult constituents but hope this information may be useful.

    I have published a poll on my blog

    Cllr. Mark Nottingham
    Labour - Northwood Ward

  4. Mark because of the way TDC is inclined to withhold information or just make it hard for us to find I have published all of the relevant documents and linked them to today’s post.

    Could you have a deco and let me know if you think I have missed anything.

    I think it very important to consider what they are asking for in terms of permissions, not just what they say they are going to do once they have permission.

  5. you've forgot to add peter checksfields manston poll

  6. Anon 16.12 send me the link and I'll put it up

  7. Not in terested in Freight, what I want is regular passenger flights to Spain, perferably, Murcia


  9. Haha, thanks for linking to my poll!

    Incidentally, I've found that it's possible to keep voting on these polls every time I turn my computer off & on again, so there's no need to use other computers for multiple votes. Not that I'd ever consider cheating...

    Keep up the good work, I find on the whole your posts balanced & sensible.

  10. Mark,

    TDC approved and promoted Wetswood Cross, assuring us our towns would be fine. This time the future prospects of many school children are in the hands of the same people. Yes, we want development, investment and jobs but on our terms, in accordance with our duty of care to our children.

    Please vote against this extension - 747's over Ramsgate are not appropriate. There are alternative, more sensitive ways forward.

  11. Email from a local resident

    you cannot require acft to take off away from ramsgate - sorry - it is 1 dependant on prevailing wind as acft must take off into prevailing wind (which usually means the other way towards whitstable about 80% of the time and land over ramsgate) and also when they do take off towards ramsgate a 'noise abatement procedure' with early right turn away from ramsgate is already instigated :)

  12. Its pretty simple, do we want to create jobs or not?

    If we want our children to be able to work and prosper in the local area, we all need to support the local job creators like Kent International Airport.

    If we want them to have to move to London, don't support it...

  13. steve from stop manston expansion group9 February 2009 at 21:52

    not everyone has the luxury of working in their local town. Its called commuting.

    If thanet continued to be deprived during 10 years of unprecedented economic boom time, that has nothing to do with a lack of jobs, but a lack of willingness to travel to work.

    If you want your children to prosper, you need to teach them that if there is no job 5 mins down the road, they have to get on a bus/bike/train/car.

  14. Or perhaps Steve, on a plane?

    I fully understand the difficulties some Ramsgate residents under the flightpath may have with expansion of Manston. They must also fully understand the duties councillors have to do their best for the residents of the whole of Thanet. We are being asked to approve an extension to flying hours that is almost identical to that asked when EUJet was around and given flying slots that were just outside current hours.

    The airport working party have discovered we already have one of the strongest S106 agreements of any regional airport, and are developing the new agreement. It is slow, agreed. However, there is little point in putting together an agreement until we know the types of traffic that will be wanting to use the airport. Until that is clear, the current 106 covers most of what is required.

    Airports can be generators of economic activity. We have not yet had the chance to try and make that work properly. We should.

  15. Chris the problem here is the airport never have and still are not complying with the 106 agreement, who will pay for the enormous cost of making the airport compliant, them or us taxpayers? No oil interceptor on the main runway, at the moment the whole thing is a dangerous joke, that puts far more Thanet jobs at risk than it is ever likely to provide. You should be saying to them on our behalf, make it 106 complient and then ask for more flights.

  16. I visit my holiday home in Spain about 4 times a year and yearn to be able to fly from Manston. An airport a stones throw from home and I have to make that awful journey to Gatwick with its congestion and nerve racking hold ups. With the new rail link to London and its lovely long runway why on earth are we not cashing in on all the potential new business and jobs for this area?