Friday, 20 February 2009


Swanley St Mary's Ward Sevenoaks District Council
BNP gain from Labour

BNP 408 (41.8%, +41.8)
Labour 322 (33.0%, -22.3)
Conservative 247 (25.3%, +0.4)

Swing of 32.1% from Labour to BNP since 2007. This is scary news. 32.1% is a massive swing in what was formerly a safe Labour seat.

For all those who talk about and judge people on whether they look different to them this should come as a warning. I love living in Thanet but there is a small undercurrent of racism.

On several occasions when talking about having moved from London to Thanet, it has been suggested to me that the reason I moved was to get away from more multicultural London. This kind of crass assumption is crude but revealing.

The BNP generally do well where Councillors get out of touch with their residents. The best way to tackle them is to work hard. All Thanet councillors should think very carefully about the language they use. With allowances for Councillors about to be increased there is a sizable minority of Thanet councillors who need to look to their consciences about how little work they do.

For superquick by-election results every Friday morning go to my friend Cllr. Luke Akehurst's blog.
Do not go to Sevenoaks District Council who only have this notice of the by-election on their site, no result. Another Tory Council in Kent then that does not want to make the most of new technology to connect with their community.


  1. What is the ethnic mix in Sevenoaks Mark ?

    You seem to see the problem as combatting the BNP. Wrong.

    The problem is to tackle the underlying causes for the protest vote. Postwar unlawful social experimentation.

    I had to laugh in disbelief at Question Time last week when Ms Chakrabarti, with eyes of the zealot, declared that "We have grown together as a community".

    What is worrying is that she believes it !

    The BNP will get nowhere because they make the same fundamental error as Enoch Powell.

    The dividing lines are not based on ethnicity. They are based on work ethic and morals.

    Just a small story. At our allotments last year we allocated an allotment to a Kurdish family of immigrants. Seven kids. On benefits. Man did diddly. Women did the toil.

    It was retired coalmine faceworkers who erected flagpoles on their allotments flying the Cross of St George flag. West Indians who came to England in the 50s and worked in the mines. Never had a day on benefits. And they may be nigh 70 now but they big boys and angry. "You come to this country you work"

    One of the West Indians has had knee surgery recently. White former mining colleagues are digging his plot for him.

    My councillors ar Muslims and good men. Some of the Muslims round here are feral, unwashed scum. Like some of the whites round here.

    The multicultural analysis is a ploy to stop people of good work ethic and morality joining together.

  2. Mark,
    I wish I could do less work to 'Earn' my allowance, but I am afraid that is not an option.

    Before you cast blame you should be ready to name. I would be happy to support you if we found any councillor not 'earning' their crust.

    Ps I would have repeated my comment to your earlier post, but it has gone.

    PPs yes I am hetrosexual, but tolerant to all folk

  3. I think its the end of the Labour Party, The BNP is growing,and winning seats.
    The Liberal Democrats if they had stood would have had a good chance of winning this seat, thay seem to be winning council seats from both the Tories and Labour, the BNP and ukip are far right.

  4. A Magna Carta, Natural Justice, Common Law Party would carry a majority.

    This country is naturally conservative in the sense of conserving what is good as a stable basis for improving what is not so good.

    Wholesale sociological experimentation was always unlawful. The sociologists, politically correct, thought police, race relations gurus and human rights gravy train have all ponced a living off the unlawful social experimentation. We should not have to look forward to more of the same and ever greater depths of social folly. We need to look to a thousand years of the development of our Common Law constitutional monarchy and pick up the ascent of our country back from where the social experimenters hijacked the progress being made and caused all the labelling of groups and the strife they earn a living from.

    The far right will never take this country unless we allow further incursions of Code Napoleon type law. Time for Common Sense, Common Courtesy, Common Decency, Common Law.

  5. Stop blaming the voters and start asking why are they voting for extremist parties of all shade, why? because they believe that YOU, yes you! aren't listening, because they believe that their way of life is being undermined by an uncontrolled influx of people, who from their point of view turn up on our collective doorstep and demand and get free housing and benefits to which they have contributed nothing and then start undermining the locals way of life by refusing to even learn the language, constantly complaining that they are being treated as second class in some way and demanding that the locals change their centuries old way of life to fit in with the new comers standards and ways.
    If you want to roll back extremists of all flavours, I would suggest you first look at where you are failing, where your party is allowing your desire to be fair to all, to be perceived as favouring the minorities, The main stream parties need, as a matter of urgency to re-visit the Human Rights Act and tie into it an element of human responsibilities and duties, you need to stop pandering to every Tom, Dick & Harry who turn up on our doorstep and tell them that before you get anything out of this country you need to put something in, NO ONE should get a single penny out of the Social Welfare system in the UK until they have paid into the system for at least five years, our borders should be tightened and the flood of economic refugees should be stopped and the ones here deported as a matter of urgency, yes there are genuine refugees and they should be helped, but lets not dodge the truth, at the moment most of the people turning up on our collective doorstep are here for no other reason than to improve their economic situation.
    Multiculturalism has failed and the 'natives' for want of a better word, have had enough of trying to adjust to accommodate every religion and way of life that someone claims is their right, if you want to pray to Christ, Allah or Vishnu, personally I don't care, but don't expect me to go out of my way to accommodate your way of life, when all you do is constantly complain about how misunderstood you are and how society as a whole should give you money and resources to support sometime that is your own personal choice.

  6. The BNP support is a result, I suspect, of the failure by the Labour Party in particular to properly represent the interests of the English working class and the failure by most of those voting for the BNP to read that party's manifesto in full. The Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties have made the situation worse by tiptoeing round the question of immigration into the UK by persons not of idigenous European origin instead of promoting a full and open discussion of the matter.

  7. Rocky on your first point I do not accept the multicultural model fully. It left many ethnic women marginalised and denied access to speaking English, this is being tackled but needs to be more so. I'm told ward was 97% white.Note your manifesto in your second point.
    Ken, the difference is easily explained, Labour cllrs work a lot harder than Tories on average. That's why your perception is flawed on this. Credit to you for your work on Planning and running a blog to get extra accountability, wish many of your colleagues were more active.
    Anon 05.27 no benefits in UK for 5 years? The world is a much more complex place. Would you apply that to the 50,000 Brits in Cyprus, the 1/4 million in France, the 1/2 million in Spain? etc
    I agree with you about the issue of economic refugees. This has been tightened but still needs more work.
    Anon 12.34 I agree immigration is not openly debated enough.