Saturday, 14 February 2009


If there was one of those invite your favourite half dozen people to dinner games then David Attenborough would be one of my picks. He has been educating me most of my life. I hope I may be able to contribute so richly to society in my 9th decade as he does. Like him I am a passionate Darwinian. I am very proud of many of Labour's achievements over the last decade. When the history books are written though one thing that I think it will be hard to explain was why it allowed the teaching of Creationism to be propounded in so many state funded Academies. I am pleased this is not the case here in Thanet.

By all means teach your children what you like at the weekends, but at school we should not allow dogma to override knowledge. It was sad to hear recently that David has receieved "hate mail" from Christians for being a passionate preacher of fact based knowledge.

Was Life on Earth his greatest achievement? It is hard to say such is his body of work. As a regular commuter up to London on the train I download lots of podcasts and the BBC World Service is an excellent source. There's a recent interview with (Sir) David (great people don't insist on the title!) HERE. I'll look forward to listening to it on the Monday morning train.

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