Monday, 23 February 2009


Yesterday I said the pictured dredger was being paid for by Thanet Council, but I have been advised it is working in the port on the wind farm project. So here is a picture of the harbour with no dredging taking place, and an unfortunate broken seat that needs repair.
Since starting this blog, I have been grateful for the many tips and emails from people across Thanet. There are Councils with bigger increases than Thanet, but Thanet is up at the high end. The highest I have now found is right next door and it is Conservative run, it is Broadstairs and St. Peters Council at 7%.

Here is a report from a Broadstairs correspondent:

“Thanet District Council’s mismanagement of their budget has thrown up some strategies that those in charge are trying to keep quiet as long as possible, known in business circles as the ‘mushroom strategy –keep ‘em in the dark and shovel manure on them’.

After their clumsy attempts to convince the electorate that they are listening to all sides in the asset sell-off debate. They have come up with the idea to save money, by closing up to five public conveniences, and charging us to use the few that remain. Now I know someone is bound to tell me that Labour when in charge from 1995 to 2003 closed loos, but they were those so neglected by the previous Tory administration that they were in danger of falling down. Others were used by some elements of society for nefarious activities I won’t list here hence they were targeted and shut. Let us not overlook in all this the fact that public conveniences are the responsibility of the District Council.

So, if you are pregnant, have young children who need to go, despite having done so before they left home, or are elderly and in desperate need of a ‘pit stop’ good luck in the future, and make sure you have plenty of change for the admission charge. Personally, I would have thought the cost of installing, maintaining and emptying the charging equipment would have cost more than the £12,000 allegedly to be saved.

To add further insult to those seeking a convenience and who live in Broadstairs, the Town Council is whacking up the precept, the bit on the council tax to pay for services it has responsibility for, by an inflation-busting 7%’ (inflation is 3.1%) to maintain public toilets and other services that MAY receive less funding from a cash strapped TDC,’ to quote Cllr. William Peppiatt. That means we will be paying twice, no make that three times, for our loos. Once via our TDC element of council tax, once via our Broadstairs and St. Peter’s precept and then every time we need to go.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions from this latest development, revealed in a tiny paragraph on Page 2 of the Isle of Thanet Gazette.”
So there is a Council with a greater increase than Thanet, Broadstairs and St. Peters at 7%. Is this the highest increase in the country?

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