Friday, 16 January 2009


Thank you for all the feedback and the Isle of Thanet Gazette for the publicity. My notes may make more sense when you click on the highlighted words like Gazette to see the link to the item I am commenting upon or referencing.

PS Gazette please don’t stretch my photo to fill a gap, some of my friends thought I had suddenly put on weight. Buy the paper for the true not quite slim-line picture of me! I am learning all about these technical things. Still I’ll take distorting my picture rather than my words.

I am sorry that I got most of the links wrong making things confusing. Often when clicking nothing was there. Many thanks to Michael Child of Ramsgate’s Michael’s Bookshop for spotting this and helping me fix it. I have been a regular buyer of books from Michael, especially his excellent local history titles.

I keep in touch with what he is publishing through Ebay. If you have an Ebay account you can make Michael one of your favourite sellers. His Ebay name is Thanet-Books and then you can receive a fortnightly email telling you about his latest published titles. I find this very useful and it is a great example of how local businesses can use the internet.

For technical advice Heath Woodward of Website Design and Creation in Margate has been a great help. Apart from designing websites, Heath is also a talented writer, composer and performer.

His own musical show Twenty Twenty Seven will be at the Granville in February.

I saw it last year in Canterbury and recommend it.

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