Saturday, 17 January 2009


I have heard from a very reliable source that the date for the Ramsgate Town Council election has had to be changed.

It will now be held on June 4th 2009.

This is because the law now states that the election must be held at the next
'electoral' date.

On Thursday 4th June all votes will be verified, then the Kent County Council count for the Ramsgate seat will be started on Friday 5th in the morning. Once this is finished the Ramsgate Town Council seats count will then take place immediately afterwards so results will probably be declared Friday afternoon.

The European Election votes will be counted on Sunday 7th.

I am concerned this will now means a triple header election with probable confusion
with the three ballot papers, not to mention postal votes!

Voters will be using a proportional representation system for the European elections. They will then vote for 2 members for the Ramsgate County Council seat. Then they will vote for 2 or 3 councillors depending on their ward. Similar situations have caused problems elsewhere in the country notably in Scotland where almost 10% of the votes were spoilt.

On the negative side a search of the Thanet Council website found this disappointing out of date result. Perhaps they were unhappy with the result of the election?

On the positive side I expect this may raise the turnout hopefully. If Ramsgate had the highest turnout of anywhere in the South East Region that would be a great advert for the power of local democracy.

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  1. Why would it raise the turn out? Euro elections are a big turn off