Sunday, 18 January 2009


I visited the temporary Ramsgate Library in Cannon Road car park for the last time yesterday. The staff their have done a brilliant job in difficult circumstances. A big thank you to Linda, Cheryl and all the rest of the team who have spoilt the people of Ramsgate. I am looking forward to the new Library opening in 2 weeks time. It's good that all the shelving in the temporary library will be going to improve Cliftonville Library.

Thanks also to Lynda Howard in Thanet Housing for sorting out the heating for a pensioner in Northwood this week.

On a totally different subject do you use the site tutpup? This brilliant free site is great for teaching children from 4-11 Maths, Algebra and Spelling. They play online 1 minute long games against children from all over the world. The levels get slightly harder as they win more games. Not only does it help with Mathematics and English, but they will also learn the flags of the world as they play children from across the globe. It also introduces them to the idea of time zones, did they win that game against a child in Australia because they were tired, and should have been in bed? There is minimal advertising. Go on set your children or grandchildren up.

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