Tuesday, 13 January 2009


A bit new to this blogging business, I am struggling with a few bits of the technology. I want this site to be open for Northwood Ward constituents, so set it up so comments could be left. Yesterday, I was pleased to see I had my first comment, so clicked all excited to have a look, only to find an automatically generated advert for pornography. So sorry to anybody who clicked on this, I have now deleted it. Until I can work out how to stop this, I have changed the settings so all comments will be moderated. This might mean a slight delay in them being posted.

Well that’s my defence for the Standards Board guv’


  1. Dear Mark
    As you are my local councillor I can't find your address and phone number here. If I want to contact you how do I find you?

  2. Like all Thanet councillors you can find me at the Council's website, we all have pages, here is mine
    look forward to hearing from you

  3. Automated comment spam. It's the scourge of blogging. There are lots of solutions but which is right for you depends on you and your readers.