Monday, 12 January 2009


I see that Conservative controlled Kent County Council (KCC) is promising its lowest increase in 4 years. Could it be there are County Council elections this year?

I am all in favour of low Council Tax increases, it is a fact Labour authorities have the lowest rates across the country.

However, KCC are not recognising that Kent’s economy is struggling with the Global financial crisis. A low 2.9% increase is not good economics. A percentage cut across the board means that wealthier people will hold onto more of their money. They may pay back more of their loans/mortgages or save but they will not spend more in their local economy to keep it going.
How refreshing to see a Conservative authority that understands this. Kensington and Chelsea are giving back £50 to every council tax payer. They are asking them to spend the money in the local economy. By giving the same amount to the poorest and the wealthiest it is a poll tax in reverse. It redistributes wealth, dare I say, it is almost socialist. Their next election is not until 2010. All credit to them for doing the right thing and not sticking to dogma.Which brings us to Thanet District Council next election 2011, cuts in services here already, let's see what comes forward.

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