Monday, 19 January 2009


There’s a consultation out at present by Kent Police on how much to increase Council Tax for policing.

I am voting for Option 2 – INCREASE BY 5%

Improvements over the next 3 years, providing an Extra “Task Team” for Thanet, and further measures to reduce crime and increase public confidence.

Option 1 is INCREASE BY 2.5%

No growth and improvements and will almost certainly require significant reductions in policing numbers.

You can express your views by emailing by 29th January.


  1. Mark,

    as a parish cllr I have tracked the police precept for over twelve years. It has increased by more than 120% and I don't see much evidence of a more complete police presence. I can guess that much of it is spent on a bloated pension scheme with easy early retirement options (though I don't know that to be the case) I made these comments to the Kent Police Authority in the consultation you refer to but so far no comment has been made by the Authority. I am sure that they need more money but, in my view, they have not explained what they have done with previous increases.

  2. And why have the police in Thanet suddenly started to acquire costly BMW cars? Is their current more modest fleet not judged fit for purpose? Or are the boys in blue just keen to be seen in flashier motors?

  3. Jon
    Thank you for your comment. Nationally the police need reform, regional pay, less enhanced pensions, should we pay the same to an officer dealing with road traffic as one who deals with drunken behaviour at 1am in the morning? I don't think so. Stop the gravy beat, look at this
    Locally I think the Conservatives have been the lead party on Kent Police Authority throughout the last 12 years and I agree with you they should have provided better value for money. Another good reason why I will be voting Labour at the County elections.
    Forgot BMWs buy British and get a Jaguar if they have to have fast cars.

  4. Jaguar is chinese