Sunday, 25 January 2009


There are about half a dozen days a year when I wish I still had a car. Friday was one of them with howling winds, driving rain that almost seemed like hail. I got drenched cycling to St. Mark’s Church in Pysons Road, Northwood. Kindly Reverend Chris Skingley who generously hosts meetings let me bring my bike out of the storm into the building.

I was attending a meeting of the Northwood PACT (Partners and Community Together) to address the problems at Coleman Crescent Rec.

It was great to hear that all our hard work campaigning means that a second Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Anne Finch will be joining the Northwood police team. As a relative newcomer the real credit for this goes to my colleague Cllr. Liz Green and Steve Ladyman MP both of whom have been pushing for this for years. Both were present at the meeting.

What a great servant to the community PCSO Dan Mimran is. Almost every single local resident who was present talked about the great difference he has made in the last 9 months. His drive, enthusiasm, and hard work have made a real difference. He has been very keen to involve as many people and agencies as possible.

Like me he recognises there are communication problems at present around the Rec, and he is doing all he can to improve this. Dan is very accessible so if you want to report or discuss and crime or anti-social behaviour matters in Northwood Ward call him on 07772225981. You can email him on

He's waiting for your call/email!

Next time anybody tells me that Police Community Support Officers do not make a difference compared to police officers, I will ask them to come and meet Dan and the community he serves so conscientiously.

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